RentMagic is constantly evolving. Every month, new functionality is added and existing modules are improved. Follow all future developments here.

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Future features and modifications.

RentMagic R&D planning.


R&D means "research and development." From the market, our clients and our own ideas we form the future planning for the development of functionality. Improvements, easier work, better performance and accessibility are the themes on which the focus lies.

As a company, it's always good to know what developments there will be in the near future. Do you have ideas that are not on our roadmap? You can request a change at the bottom of this page.


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Q1 to Q4 -2023


Modules are now always opened separately in the task bar. From the system settings it will be possible to always stay within the same task within the open module, which will reduce the task bar filling up.

Serial number conditions

If you work with an extensive rental fleet it is useful to know the condition of a particular piece of equipment. The way of entering conditions becomes dynamic, so you only use conditions that your people understand.

Manage item variants

Within RentMagic, the item structure will be extended with an extra layer: variants. This layer allows you to dynamically divide the same item in e.g. sizes or colors. This is more user friendly on your website and on your documents.

Project management

Manage order bundling projects and schedule them globally. Create resources like personnel and transport, configure them completely for fine-tuning your processes.

Purchasing module

Use the purchasing module for comprehensive input of your purchase orders and invoices. Adjust your profitability calculations directly to the items you have ordered.

Improved hiring module

Hiring is now very easy, but price conditions cannot be defined. In the new module it is possible to better define these conditions for an accurate calculation of returns.

Penalty system for lending

Within the rental business, orders that are returned too late can be charged directly with an additional price. If RentMagic is used for lending, fines can also be calculated and paid.

Reports directly multi-language

Make existing reports instantly accessible in another language without duplicating the report. Finished.

Create fields

Create additional fields in a table and place fields in the desired order. This way you can keep track of extra data that is important to you.

Creating tables

You can also create extra tables, which will be visible in RentMagic as a module. After all, RentMagic has been developed as a platform to be expanded and to be set up according to your wishes.

Code snippets

Manage your own code snippets with which hooks can be adjusted to suit your workflow and process. An advanced feature, but directly accessible from the RentMagic interface.

RentMagic Mobile add-on-1

RFID tags support Zebra 8500 series

Besides scanning regular barcodes or QR codes, the mobile app makes it possible to scan RFID tags in combination with the Zebra 8500 series device.

User login on shared device

On a common device, it will be possible to login using a shortcut + pin code, so that user tracking is possible.

QR code linking

Mount your device via the RentMagic interface by simple scanning a QR code, so you don't need to fill in the entire address and so on. Easy when installing a lot of devices.

Manage customers

Now manage your clients directly with the RentMagic app, without switching to your PC first.

Management Dashboard

The management dashboard is also visible on the mobile app, which allows you to follow the entire process.

Damage reports and sketch

During a return, it becomes easy to draw a damage sketch in a template, combine it into a report, so you can keep this available for an insurance company and the client. Finished.



RentMagic Shop add-on-1

WordPress plugin

Do you use WordPress to manage your website? Use the WordPress plugin to integrate RentMagic into your website. This gives you all the e-commerce you're looking for in one fell swoop.


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