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The mobile app from RentMagic you use throughout the whole day for the processes on the work floor. Easy to use and on your cell phone you won't forget anything on the way. Furthermore, the app is free to use and works on both Android and Apple devices.

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dashboard Dashboard

Keep an eye on your business and numbers at home or on the road.

warehouse-alt Logistics

For warehouse, shipping and incoming goods, prepare orders and assign serial numbers.

barcode-read Inventory

Easily check inventory or add serial numbers via RFID or barcode.

business Quotations and orders

Easily create quotations or orders on the go and work them out in the office.

RentMagic mobile app

users Customer and article info

In the warehouse and on the road always have information of your customers, articles or serial numbers with you.

signature Digital signature

Easily have your customer digitally sign receipts or service reports.

clipboard-list-check Planning and tasks

You know what you have to do. Always up to date with the planning and expected work.

services Services and checklists

Perform all services in the warehouse or on the road, even the immediate preparation of certificates.

Zebra Touch Computer

Integrated device for mobile support

If you want to work with the mobile app and are looking for a robust solution without using existing cell phones then a Zebra Touch Computer is the ideal combination.

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