Today's software is specialised and as an organisation, you choose the elements you need, no more, no less. RentMagic as a specialist package for the rental industry can easily be integrated with your other software systems.

Comprehensive software integration and collaboration

Integration partners.


RentMagic is integrated with AFAS Profit in the most comprehensive way. The complete financial and trade administration remains active in Profit. All rental activities are managed in RentMagic. The stock remains fully synchronised, so that the insight into the availability is always up to date.

Suitable for

Companies with an extensive commercial administration that is active in both sales and rental can work with these two packages. Sales, rental, services and financial administration are covered.


AFAS Profit & InSite

Rental software for AFAS


Exact Online is a popular player in the SME for financial administration. Exact also has the possibility to order additional modules for trading. RentMagic is also integrated, which makes it possible for companies to use the best of both packages.

Suitable for

SMEs or smaller organisations that want a full range of possibilities for doing sales and rentals. Sales, rental, services and financial administration are covered by both packages.


Exact Online (web)
Exact Globe (desktop)

Rental software for MS Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a well-known player on the ERP market. Dynamics is a very complete package and also offers possibilities for CRM. International trade is no problem and the possibilities for integration with RentMagic are endless.

Suitable for

Larger companies with several branches with a need for comprehensive (international) trade administration. Both sales and rental are fully supported. Sales, rental, services and financial administration are covered.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Business Central)
Microsoft Dynamics AX

Rental software for MS Dynamics

Links to other software platforms

Standard integrations.

A number of standard integrations have been created for RentMagic and new ones are added every month. Are you using one of these systems and are you satisfied? Probably making an integration is easy. If you want more information, please feel free to contact us. One of our integration specialists will inform you in detail.

Microsoft Dynamics
Visma Yuki
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Integrate with your favourite software and devices

Link with REST API.

The RentMagic platform is basically designed to work together with other software. RentMagic is a specialist system and for many organisations other components within the software selection are also important. RentMagic works with an advanced REST API module, which makes it possible to unlock all data, in any form or capacity. RentMagic can be used as active and as passive, which makes it possible to push and pull data.

For more information on how to configure this, please contact us.

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Synchronise at the touch of a button

Integrate with your other systems.

Integreer via REST API

If you have wishes for an integration that cannot be found ready-made, please also contact us. We receive several requests from various clients and are always willing to create them, as we can also publish them for possibly other clients. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities.

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Connecting legacy applications

Middleware and integration.


Does your organisation still use systems that do not meet the latest standards for accessing data? Or have you ever built a link that you would like to reuse with a new system, because it is quite complex for instance?

RentMagic meets this need. From Infodatek, we facilitate the possibility to copy data back and forth with a middleware system in order to create a link. Different protocols can be used, like FTP. Of course, we will work with you to provide new security for the system, so that it will meet the standard for the coming years.

Together with you, we will map out the current environment and make a plan on how to tackle it. We are happy to discuss the possibilities.

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