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With the different editions it is possible for every organization to make the right choice. Both for rental, managing your reservations or as a personal issuance system.

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All RentMagic editions have the full work process on board, so all functionality is always available. A distinction is made between the different editions in the number of records that can be created and in the level of service. RentMagic works completely in the cloud, but would you rather install RentMagic on your own server? That's possible with the Premium edition. Still having trouble figuring it out? Please contact your partner or Infodatek. We are happy to help you make the right choice.



* During the analysis phase in a project, additional features or modifications may lead to a task on our product development roadmap.

Currency other than Euro can be accessed in the interactive shop, by clicking on 'Subscribe'. You can find more information about the subscription and products in this portal.


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