RentMagic Shop allows you to create a perfect e-commerce solution with an intensive customer experience. Show your products, services and all customer-related information in an account section.

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Platform for incredible interactivity

Build your own customer portal or shop.

Your own customer portal or shop

RentMagic Shop is a platform that you can customise and expand yourself, with your own look and feel and even with your own features. You can create and design the entire page structure yourself. Optionally, you can code extra modules or you can integrate using REST API. Please contact us for additional possibilities.

Besides using RentMagic Shop, it is even possible to develop and use your own platform from scratch. Or use another CMS like WordPress, in which you can claim information from RentMagic - or vice versa.

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Make a reservation for the right date

Shopping cart and orders.

Visitors can easily select a rental period for an item and see what the corresponding price is and whether it is still available in that period. If the product is out of stock, customers can be guided to order from another warehouse or depot.

  • Availability per warehouse
  • Select rental period
  • Online payments
  • Special contract or customer prices
  • Attach files during ordering (like certificates for example)
  • Add extra comments
  • Select dimensions (e.g. cost centers or project number)

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Shopping cart and orders
Create added value for your customer

Customer private account.

Create a private customer account

Customers can take a look at their personal account after signing in. They can follow and track orders, as well as look back at what has been ordered previously. In addition, they also can setup their own environment, by adding contact persons, addresses and users. An overview is also displayed for service and maintenance management, including the services that are required for a specific date.

  • Account info
  • Historical orders
  • Manage delivery addresses & contacts
  • Manage users
  • Track running orders, shipments and invoices
  • View and track services

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Present your rental and sales items

Product catalog.

Attract new leads and serve your existing customers better by publishing information about your items and services in the product catalog. By using categorization and filters you can ensure a good shopping experience.

  • Product categories & filters
  • Advanced search
  • Item media: Images and videos
  • Product manuals & specifications
  • Short, medium and long descriptions
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Item compositions & packages
  • Specific customer & group assortment
  • Warehouse inventory
  • Rental, sales and deposit support


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A bright presentation of your products
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