Rental is the base for sustainability.

Today we live in a world where we have more technology in our lives but also more life in our technology. Digital platforms are reshaping the way people connect and this is having an effect on societies and industries. There is a growing realization that the scaling up of industry has brought with it undesirable side effects that are causing serious disruption to the climate and environment.




Sustainability is a new way of life and is leading in three aspects: Environment, Social and Governmental. It is the basis for a new economy. The consumption economy is becoming more and more a thing of the past and the sharing economy is an established phenomenon.

Renting is a naturally sustainable model. By renting (or leasing) equipment, companies and individuals can contribute to a more sustainable world in a variety of ways. The rental industry actually operates in a circular business model. It complies with all the principles of the circular economy, thereby minimizing the negative environmental impact of equipment.

Equipment rental focuses on the following aspects of the circular economy:

Shared use

Rental ensures that one has access to equipment when needed. This leads to more frequent use of equipment and thus promotes efficiency of use. A good example of this is bicycle rental in cities and other tourist areas.

Repair possibilities

Rental companies contribute to a product design that facilitates maintenance and repair activities. They focus on spare parts management and ask equipment manufacturers for more information on product repair. This gives products a longer life.

Resource utilization

Rental companies look for equipment that offers their customers the most sustainable option and provide instructions to their customers on how to optimize equipment use.


Intact parts of disassembled equipment can be reused. Thus, an equipment retains life even after disassembly.


Rental companies take care of their equipment through repairs or recycling. For their own business they can require suppliers to use recyclable materials in the products they rent out.

Infodatek believes in a sustainable world and has therefore woven it into its mission statement: "We create the most sophisticated rental software for a more sustainable world." It combines the power of a digital platform with the sustainability of renting to contribute to a better living world and enable other companies to do the same.

Want to know how it works? We'll be happy to explain everything about our rental software.

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