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Get to know Infodatek, your expert in office automation. Active in the field of IT since 2008. 

About Infodatek Group

Strong since 2008.

infodatek Groep - sfeerfoto

Full service IT agency

Started in the time of the internet bubble, where Infodatek started as a full service IT agency in the region of Zeeland (Netherlands), and the main focus was on web 2.0. Companies invested in the new generation of websites and webshops to increase interactivity with customers.

Cyber security

In addition to developing software, the market also had a demand for improving network security and raising user awareness of security and protection within an organization. In the very beginning of cyber security, Infodatek developed into a strong regional player in the field of network security and related services. To this day, this service continues with existing customers, as well with organizations that are not yet customers. Infodatek examines the IT environment in an objective way. 

Systems and software

Specialization and Collaboration.


Because Infodatek had different fields of work from the beginning, around 2010 to 2014, two divisions were created. These two divisions were established as independent operating companies under their own entity in 2015. Thus the Infodatek Group was born, under which Infodatek Systems BV and Infodatek Software BV operate. Individual specialized companies, but with very close cooperation. This is necessary, as technology evolves. All of our specialisms together form the quality that we stand for each and everyday. 


In day-to-day practice, people within the two companies work together a lot. Hard- and software cannot be thought of separately and all techniques are connected to each other. For problem solving, the technicians need each other and can count on one another. All  under one roof.

Infodatek specialisatie en samenwerking

Our Team

infodatek Groep - Walter de Kok 2-3

Walter de Kok
Director Systems B.V.

infodatek Groep - Bart-2

Bart Nijssen
Director Software B.V.

infodatek Groep - Gert-Jan 2-2

Gertjan Kromhout
App and Backend Developer

infodatek Groep - Vincent Krijger-3

Vincent Krijger
System Management and Presales

infodatek Groep - Klaas 2-2

Klaar-Arnold Harmanny
Backend and Database Specialist

infodatek Groep - Niels 2-2

Niels van Aert
Network and Datacenter Specialist

infodatek Groep - Luuk Bakker-2

Luuk Bakker
Junior Software Engineer

infodatek Groep - Erik Verhelst-3

Erik Verhelst
Technical Responsible R&D

infodatek Groep - Dwayne 2-2

Dwayne Hulsman
Frontend Developer and Designer

infodatek Groep - Daniël 2-2

Daniël van Sante
Software Engineer

infodatek Groep - Sander 2-1

Sander Geldof
Junior Software Engineer

infodatek Groep - Justin 1-2

Justin van Gog
System Management and Helpdesk

Infodatek-Inge Morcus

Inge Morcus
Frontdesk, Planning & Trade

Infodatek-Julia Bouthoorn

Julia Bouthoorn
Junior Marketeer

Infodatek-Didier Battermann 2

Didier Battermann

Infodatek-Ronald Tuns

Ronald Tuns
Netwerk en datacenter specialist

Infodatek-Rob Bogaert

Rob Bogaert
System Management and Helpdesk


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