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When using RentMagic it is important to go through all modules within the Settings section. In particular, the System Settings are important to set properly at the start. Some of the settings are related to the operation of the system and cannot be modified at a later time. The settings are intended for the administrator of RentMagic and may not be accessible to everyone if you work with multiple users.

In addition to settings only, there are also modules that are used to set master data, such as VAT, periods, etc. It is desirable to also properly setup all this information before you start working with RentMagic. All different modules are explained in this manual. Of course it is also always possible to contact your RentMagic partner if you cannot figure it out.



In this module you can manage users of the system. Users are people who can log into the system, but they can also be users for a possible frontend, for example a webshop.

More info about users

Roles and permissions

In this module you can manage different roles used within the system.

More info about roles and permissions


Tokens should be used for integrations with other software via REST API.

More info about tokens

Reporting and email

Report templates

In this module you can manage report templates. You need a report template to generate reports throughout the entire system.

More info about report templates

Email templates

Setting up email templates is very important. In this module you can set up the email templates as you want the emails to be sent to the customer.

More info about email templates

Email history

In this module you can view all e-mails sent and possibly delete them. After the system automatically sends an email, a copy of it is automatically kept in the email history.

More info about email history


VAT codes

When doing business, VAT must always be taken into account. Within RentMagic there are sufficient possibilities to keep the VAT administration up to date. RentMagic is also equipped to conduct international trade, with all the associated possibilities to record VAT.

More info about VAT codes

VAT duties

te For international trade it is possible to set VAT duties (obligations), an extension of the VAT rate that you set on the item.

More info about VAT duties


System settings

In this module it is possible to adjust the basic settings within RentMagic.

More info about system settings

Table records

In this module you can edit document counters and key formats on tables.

More info about table records

Transaction types

In this module you can manage your transactiontypes.

More info about transaction types


In this module you can manage your item rental periods.

More info about periods


In this module you can manage all the dimensions which are required within your rental process.

More info about dimensions

Image formats

In this module you can manage all the different images formats that needs to be displayed. The image format refers to the images of items.

More info about image formats

Delivery methodes

In this module you can manage all the delivery methodes that can be used to ship your products. It is also possible to define a default delivery method on customer details.

More info about delivery methodes

Pay methodes

In this module you can manage all your payment methods. Payment methodes can be used to pay on orders or invoices.

More info about pay methods

Replacement reasons

In this module you can manage all your replacement reasons that can be used to swap/replace serials (unique products) on an order.

More info about replacement reasons


In this module you can define all the labels which can be used on customers and on items.

More info about labels


In this module you can manage all the currencies which can be used throughout the processes in RentMagic. The currencies can be used in the process but also on reports.

More info about currency

License information

In this module you can find all information about your RentMagic edition and subscription.

More info about license information