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If you need help while working with RentMagic you can always consult the manual. If you are completely new and you do not find your way, then it is wise to use the tutorial.


You can use the tutorial to learn how to use RentMagic. The tutorial is a part that is integrated in RentMagic and gives you the first directions to get started. The tutorial only provides insight into necessary steps and offers you the opportunity to learn how to use RentMagic. If you go through the tutorial you will get a feeling with RentMagic, how the construction of the screens works and how functionally the processes are put together. For more in-depth information, you should consult the manual.

Instruction manual

You can always open the manual (which you are reading now) from that menu. A separate tab will open in your internet browser for easy switching. The manual is extensive and covers every part within RentMagic, both of the processes and all related information.


The contact form on the RentMagic website, which you can use to get in touch with us.