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User interface

The user interface is built intuitively and consistently. If you have worked a few times in RentMagic, you will quickly understand the screen structure. The system is fully responsive, which means that the software also works on mobile devices. When using the software with full rights and permissions it does create a “full screen”. Therefore it is best displayed on a full desktop (Apple or Windows). Google Chrome is the standard used while developing the software. This means that this browser will work the most consistent and with the best performance. If you might experience any problems, we always recommend working with Google Chrome. And of course you can always report the problem to us, and we’ll help you out.


After logging into the system, the top of the user interface is always visible. The top is narrow, so it doesn't take up too much space and has a number of important buttons that make using RentMagic pleasant.


On the top you can set the favorite buttons per role, mostly these are the often used buttons. By using these buttons you can quickly access a module without having to scroll through the menu.

RentMagic Algemeen Gebruikersinterface Kop Knoppen


On the right, next to the favorites buttons, there’s a quick search field. There you can quickly search for a module or specific document. You can type in a specific document number (or scan a barcode / QR code) in the field and a suggestion will immediately appear, on which you can click on. The system then immediately opens the module or document.

RentMagic Algemeen Gebruikersinterface Kop Snelzoeken

Settings button

At the top right you will find the settings button. You can use this if you want to log out, to see as who you are logged in, or to zoom in or out on the screen. You can also adjust your account settings, for example to change your password.


  • Logged in as: The username you are logged in with. In some cases it is possible that you log in to the system under multiple usernames, so it is useful to be able to see which username you are currently logged in with.
  • Zoom: Allows you to zoom in and out on the screen. This makes the entire screen larger or smaller, so that the screens are easier to read. You can compare this zoom function with the zoom functionality that is included in a web browser.
  • Full screen: By default, the screen is set to full size. All modules that are opened are opened in a maximum screen size. Tabs appear at the top to switch between the modules. When using the full screen function, it switches between 'full size' and 'window'.
  • Change account settings: With this module you’ll get more insight into your own account, i.e. the data with which you log into the system. In this module it is also possible to change your password and to set a standard warehouse. The standard warehouse is the warehouse that you immediately enter when you log in.

RentMagic logo - hide menu

If you press the logo, the main menu on the left will be hidden or opened.

RentMagic Algemeen Gebruikersinterface Kop Logo

Warehouse selection

Below the RentMagic logo you will see a selection field in which the active warehouse is indicated. The warehouse you see there is where you are at that moment. Because RentMagic is a flexible software platform, you can go anywhere, anytime in all your warehouses, at least the warehouses which you are authorized for. After logging in, make sure that the correct warehouse is selected, otherwise this can have unpleasant consequences for the further processes.

RentMagic Algemeen Gebruikersinterface Magazijnen

By clicking on one of the warehouses you switch immediately.

Main menu

All modules that are intended for you can be opened from the main menu. Depending on your role and its restrictions, certain menus may or may not be accessible. The main menu is always composed in the same way of 3 levels, namely main menu (1), submenu (2) and module (3). By clicking on a main menu (1) you can see all submenus. Then you can click on a submenu (2) to see all modules (3). Clicking on a module opens it in the window.

RentMagic algemeen gebruikersinterface hoofdmenu niveaus


Every module you open will end up in a separate tab. You can easily close a tab again. Or if there are a lot of tabs open at the same time, it is also possible to close all tabs at once. The convenience of the tabs is that you can leave several modules open at the same time. You can always switch between the different tabs.

Please note that if there are a lot of tabs left open, the browser may experience some delay. When switching between two different tabs, it is sometimes necessary to refresh overviews. You can do this with the 'renew' button. Some overviews will not refresh themselves, take this into account.

You can easily close a tab by clicking on it with the middle mouse button, or on the cross at the top right.

If there are too many modules open on the screen, you can click the down arrow to see all the tabs / modules that are still open.

You can click on the question mark per module to open the help texts. Separate explanations are given about that module, such as the explanation of the fields and the functionality.

Action bar

Within an open module you will always see an action bar at the top. This action bar contains a few buttons, which can often be used to, for example, create or delete a new item / record. This action bar can differ per module.

The action bar sometimes also appears at the bottom of a submodule, so we call it a sub action bar.