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Thank you for using RentMagic, the online software platform for equipment rental. The platform was developed by us to manage the rental and sales of your equipment in an efficient, but above all accessible way. RentMagic will connect to your existing business processes, such as inventory management, financial administration, sales and planning. One of the main features of RentMagic is that you can use the program in simple business situations, but also in a more complex environment where many rules and agreements will apply.

What can be found in this manual?

In this manual all the functionality and the operation of RentMagic will be explained, and you’ll get more information about all the functions within the system. In addition to that, the manual is intended as an online reference guide while using the system. The structure of this manual will completely follow the content of the main menu in the program. In this way all chapters will automatically be discussed.

Explanation of all the different tables and fields within the various modules in the system is included in the “Field definitions” section, at the bottom of each chapter.

In case of any uncertainties you can always contact us. We are willing to assist you with all your questions. You can find our contact details over here.