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Access and login

How can you acces RentMagic?

RentMagic is always and everywhere accessible via your web browser, and it is platform independent. Therefore it is possible to connect to a web browser from all your devices, including mobile devices. Access to the system is done by a secured connection via “https”. So the connection is always encrypted. If you run the program in the cloud, you can connect via the link below:

After entering the name of your environment, you can step by step log-in into it. Already known environments are listed under “Previously visited environments”. You can open them by clicking on the environment in question. Of course you will always have to enter your username (in many cases your e-mail address) and password.

It is also possible to log in directly into your environment via the address in your browser. Then you have to use the web address like shown below:, where “your-environment” is the name of the environment you’ll be using.

Note: if your environment is created on a on premises server and not in the cloud, access will work differently. Therefore you should contact your system administrator for assistance.


After opening the environment, you’ll see the login screen. From this screen you can log in into RentMagic, or retrieve your password in case you have forgotten it.

Inloggen op je RentMagic omgeving


Here you can select the language as you want RentMagic to open with. The full user interface will be displayed in the selected language. In case you want to change the chosen language, you’ll have to log in again.

Username / Email address

You’ll need a username and/or e-mail address to log in, depending how it is set up by your administrator.


The corresponding password.

Log in

You’ll log in to your RentMagic environment.

Forgot your password

If you have forgotten your password, you can click here and follow the instructions to retrieve your password.

Log out

To log out of the system, you can click the settings button in the interface and then click log out.

RentMagic Algemeen Gebruikersinterface Kop Instellingen     

After you have logged out, no one can enter the system unauthorized. It is real important that you log out when your are away from your computer for a longer period of time or when you’re working on a public computer.