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What is an order?

The order is at the center of the trading process within RentMagic. In other words, everything revolves around orders. Some organizations talk about projects, others talk about contracts. In RentMagic we call these orders.

Synonyms: contracts, projects, orders

In the orders module it is possible to enter short and long-term rental contracts. In addition to rental items, you can also place sales and free items on the order. It is important to keep an eye on the order status, because the status determines the stage at which the order is. An order can have status pending for a long time and can therefore serve for a longer period of time. This is the case, for example, with items that are rented out indefinitely. The order can then be invoiced prematurely.

The order is an important document for the trading activities in RentMagic, in fact it forms the basis for all transactions. An order can be made from a quotation or reservation, but can also be filled with articles from an empty state. When an order is created, it automatically opens with the status open. In this status, nothing happens to the order yet, only the order affects the free and physical stock of items in the warehouse.

After adjusting the status, something actually happens to the order. The order can be delivered immediately if you work with a small warehouse. If you have a larger warehouse, it might be useful to make a picking order for the warehouse before you deliver the order to the customer.

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