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Items on a reservation

In the Articles sub tab it is possible to add the articles to the reservation. You can edit the articles by clicking edit articles.

Add item or line

It is possible to add the items to the reservation in two ways:

Scan You can search for items via scan, or scan them directly with a barcode scanner. In this field you can select articles and serial numbers. If you are looking for a specific article in a wide range of articles, you can first select a category by category. You can then search through this category at scan. If you select an item that you have found, it will appear on the reservation lines. Then fill in the correct information in the quotation line and check all important fields.

Manually adding lines By manually filling in the fields in the last row of the overview you can create reservation rules. Fill in all relevant fields.

Make sure you also view the content of the rules by clicking on the down arrow in the right-most column. It is possible to adjust any dimension fields, price calculations and other conditions.

Delete item or line

You can always delete lines on a reservation. Be careful with this. You can easily delete a line by clicking on the cross in the left-most column. The totals are also updated immediately.

Edit item or line

If you've pressed edit articles, you can edit existing rules. This only works if the reservation has the status active. You can also access the details of the rule by clicking the arrow in the right-most column. If you adjust amounts, the total will also be updated immediately.

After you have changed the data, click on save in the subaction bar to save the data.

Renumber lines

If you have made many changes to a reservation, the line numbers are often mixed up. Clicking renumber lines in the sub-action bar renumbers all lines in the order 10,20,30, and so on.

Check stock and availability

While placing articles you can immediately check the stock. Click on item availability in the sub-action bar to check the stock for the chosen period. You will get a separate screen with the stock displayed in a timeline. You can scroll in the timeline to change the period. The stock of all items on the reservation are shown.

In addition to checking the inventory of the items, you can also check the availability of items within a particular category. If an item is not available in the selected period, you can also suggest another item similar to it within a particular category. You must first have selected a category, then click on category availability.