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Create order

An order can be made from a quotation that has been approved, or from a reservation. After creating the order, extra lines can be added, or adjustments can be made to the lines that are already on it.

You can also create an order directly, without a quotation or reservation. This can be easy if you have a customer at the counter, for example. It must then be possible to create an order directly. You can then immediately discuss price conditions and other agreements and record them on the order.

If the order has not yet been created, click on new in the order overview. Fill in all relevant fields and click on save to save the order. Make sure you capture as much data as possible. At a later stage, for example during the invoicing or collection of the items, it can be useful to look up information.

After the order details have been entered, the next step is to create the items on the order. See below under the section Adding items to order.

Also accessible via navigation: Trade / Actions / New order.