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It's all about trade within RentMagic, after all RentMagic is used for that: streamlining all processes within your organization. In addition to streamlining the rental process, it is also possible to carry out sales activities. Within RentMagic you can store your trade documents with all the necessary information: quotations, reservations, orders, packing slips, receipt slips, invoices and credit invoices.

This guide covers the following topics:


With a quotation it is possible to make a quotation for a customer. A quotation is a budget, but without any obligations in the system. No stock reservations are made. In RentMagic, quotations can be easily created, fully flexible and adjustable to the customer's wishes. Click here for more information about quotations


A reservation is used as an intermediate step before an order is created. The reservation behaves the same as an order, with the only difference that the reservation does not affect the physical stock of items. Click here for more information about reservations.


The order is at the center of the trading process within RentMagic. In other words, everything revolves around orders. Some organizations talk about projects, others talk about contracts. In RentMagic we call these orders. Click here for more information about orders.

Part of Orders is also Quick Issue. Quick issue is intended to handle orders smoothly. It is oftenly used during issue at a counter. Click here for more information about Quick issue.

Order picking list

If you use the order picking functionality, you can create pick lists (waves) with which employees can walk a route through the warehouse. Pick lists are only used if you want to retrieve a collection of orders from the warehouse. Click here for more information about order picking lists.

Release stop

It is possible to temporarily "stop" an order for a certain period. The order actually remains active, whereby the items also remain physically present at the customer, but the invoicing process steps over this period. Click here for more information on release stops.


Products are taken back via the Take back module. Active orders (orders with products of which the products are still issued) can be closed by taking back articles. After making an intake, a proof of intake can also be printed, namely an intake receipt. Click here for more information about intakes.


You can keep the billing within RentMagic simple, but you can also go as far as you want. It is possible to work with manual and automatic invoicing. Invoicing can also be linked to another software system, such as a financial administration system. Click here for more information about invoices.


In some cases, items or serial numbers returned from a customer are not returned directly to the warehouse. The products are intended to be released first. Click here for more information about Release.